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The object of the game is to guess the word. You do this by getting clues each time you guess. If you see a letter in gray, it does not appear in the final solution. If you see a letter in yellow, it appears in the solution, but not where you have have guessed. And if you see a letter in green, you have that one in the correct position!

Once you have all of the letters guessed, you win! You can always give up on that word and ask for a new one. And once you win, you can ask for a new word. (You will also see a link to the definition of the solved word in case you want to learn about it!)

You can either use the in-game virtual keyboard to type or you can use an actual keyboard. The in-game virtual keyboard also shows you letters you have guessed already, and their result.

Words come from the official Scrabble dictionary. When you guess a word, it must be in the game's dictionary! There are currently 9,330 possible 5-letter words.

Note: Some words have more than 1 of the same letter (for example, "brood")! In this case, you may get a green or yellow indicator when you use one of those letters, but there may be a duplicate! If you guess a word with two letters, you might get one green and one yellow! (A gray letter always means it does not appear at all in the solution.)

Why did you make this Wordle clone?

That's a fair question. I like the game, but I didn't like only being able to play once a day, so I made this. I'm a software engineer by trade, and I like to tinker. I also can now add in options that I like! Curious how this is made? You can see all of the code on GitHub!

Game Options

Default Opener

If set, every game will begin with this word already guessed.
(Leave blank to not use a default opener.)

Word Size

How long should the words be?
(Note, this takes effect on the next word!)

Word Depth

How "deep" in the word list do you want to pull words from?
(Note, this takes effect on the next word!)

Duplicate Letters

This option changes the game's difficulty by including (or excluding) words with duplicate letters (like "elder").
(Note, this takes effect on the next word!)


This option adds more accessible markers to guess letters (non-color based).

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